Flying the Fern: NZ Story release new podcast

1 Dec 2022

Hot off the digital press: MageBinary are proud to have been a part of the launch for Fernmarks new podcast, Flying the Fern. Featuring successful and emerging NZ brands such as Ārepa, ecostore, and Trust Codes, to hear their stories and how they have identified openings and challenges in the market to then successfully export their service and product globally while proudly carrying the fernmark.

Using the platform we built for fernmark on Drupal, we built a custom module to adhere to their design language and enable a hassle-free system to upload, share, and manage their new podcast in plenty of time for testing prior to launch. At MageBinary, we often say “success breeds success”. Surround yourself with thought leaders and success and Fernmark are doing just that with Flying the Fern. So be sure to subscribe now and listen on your favourite podcast platform today!