Start trading and dealing online with a single system.

We create the one complete solution on the very best open source platforms - Odoo for your entire business. All the systems we craft are super connected, lean, secure, user-friendly and they look, well… just awesome.

Manufacturing Apps

Communications Apps

Customization Tool

Take a slice or go for the whole Cake.

Save Time & Money - No More Expensive Integrations.

Is your business running a dozen of systems that have problems connecting to each other? Well, one app for all is the way to go. We produce full integrated systems that works for you and your business.  And the integration requires a mountain of money? Well, one-two apps for all is the way to go. We believe any business can not have more than two systems for their entire business.

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Why Choose Odoo + Magento?


Odoo is by far the most popular and powerful Open Source ERP project according to Google trends and it is backed by Odoo and the entire community. Magento is the NO.1 eCommerce platform. It is trusted by many well-known companies in the world.


A large and active community with over 500,000 members contributing to the forum and the development of the application. 

Open Source & Free Technology

Odoo & Magento are fully open-sourced whether they are developed by Odoo, by Magento, by the community, by our team of professionals or even by you. Don't lock yourself into proprietary software vendors. 


Odoo & Magento are real modular solutions, giving you the ability to only deploy the features you need and only when you need them.


With more than 500,000 developers (Magento & Odoo and community included) and more than 10,0000 modules, the solution is evolving very rapidly.