Bivouac Outdoor

Magento POS and CI/CD Integration

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Bivouac, a leading NZ outdoor retailer, sought to enhance their online and in-store operations to have a seamless experience for their customers, streamline inventory management, and optimise their overall business processes.

What we did

  • Enhanced the reliability and redundancy of the Windcave POS integration:

  • SImplementing infrastructure as a service

  • Implemented CI/CD

  • AX to Magento Integration

  • Akeneo Implementation

  • Implemented click-and-collect and in-store availablity

  • Address finder/auto-complete feature

  • Integrating stock & POS Systems


Implemented improvements have streamlined Bivouac's operations. This includes enhanced payment processing and checkout efficiency, reduced downtime, faster page loading, and a resilient cloud-based infrastructure. Swift feature delivery maintains a competitive edge. Inventory management accuracy minimizes stockouts, while shipping precision and real-time tracking enhance delivery times and reduce errors.

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Less time spent on application processing

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Increase in online license applications 

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Less error in general business opreations.

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Increased in page views comparing the old site

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