5 Key Elements of Agile: How MageBinary incorporates them to become the best Product Studio

10 May 2023

What exactly does it mean to be agile, and how can companies incorporate agile practices into their day-to-day operations? According to industry experts, there are five key elements of Agile that organisations should keep in mind: Strategy, Structure, Process, People, and Technologies. 

Let’s get into how we at Magebinary, a leading product studio, have incorporated them into our day-to-day operations.

Strategy: Agile strategy is a clear vision or goal for the entire organisation. At MageBinary, we aim to be the most innovative digital product studio to achieve tangible change. By breaking this goal down into measurable outcomes using tools like OKRs, we remain aligned and focused on achieving our ultimate objective. 

Structure: Agile teams are empowered teams that work together toward a common goal. At MageBinary, we believe in empowering our team members to take ownership of their work and make decisions that will drive us closer to our goals. Therefore, we have a flat organisational structure with no bosses, only leaders, which allows us to move quickly and make decisions without bureaucratic red tape. 

Process: Agile organisations structure daily business in a way that allows for quick decisions and learning processes. We're big on failing fast and learning early. We encourage experimentation and are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes. At the heart of our daily operations is the Unix philosophy, which enables us to break complex problems into smaller tasks and keep things simple to ensure our processes are streamlined, efficient and effective. 

People: Agile teams are dynamic, passionate, and committed to the organisation's vision. At MageBinary, we believe that if you love what you do, you'll be passionate about it and that passion will create an obsession. We're committed to using our skills and expertise to positively impact the world by developing innovative products and solutions. 

Technologies: Agile organisations should seamlessly integrate with future-proof technologies that enhance their operations. We believe in the transformative power of technology to enable potential and bring about real, disruptive change in people's daily lives. We always seek out and integrate the latest and most effective technologies to enhance workflow and optimise productivity. From using software framework, ChatGPT to automated reporting with Google spreadsheets and AI marketing/development tools, we stay at the forefront of innovation internally. We're constantly improving our processes and leveraging technology to stay ahead of the curve to cater to our client needs using tools & practices like CI/CD, microservices and AI-driven web solutions

By incorporating these five key elements of Agile, we've been able to stay ahead of the competition and achieve tangible and disruptive change. At MageBinary, we're constantly striving to be even more Agile, and that's why we've developed our own unique approach: the WebOPs Pool model. This model has been tried and tested with our clients, saving time and proving profitable for our entire clientele. 

And this doesn’t stop here; we're always looking for ways to improve and evolve, and that's why we believe in sharing our knowledge and collaborating with others in the community to work on collective causes that affect us all as a society.